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Lux Lucet is a thoughtfully curated, D.I.Y. art-lit magazine dedicated for art and writing that is raw, fresh and original, bringing out voices that otherwise might be left unheard. It's a supportive space that gives an opportunity to embrace your individual creativity and shine your unique light - whether you're a creative writer, photographer, fine artist, performer or a designer, we want to hear from you! In an issue of Lux Lucet, you can find thought-provoking work from a range of creatives; some of whom have published their work before, some who have never had the courage until now. We are proud to give a voice to artists who otherwise might not find the courage to speak up.


On our blog you will find interviews with artists and creatives who are working in the industry and have been for a while, and they share their unique experiences and advice on how to step into the world of art and creativity.


What makes us unique?

A lot of creatives seek out validation by submitting to well-known publishers and platforms in order to get that confirmation that their work is good enough. In Lux Lucet we believe that your work is good enough even if you experience rejection from major platforms. It does not invalidate you. You need to carry on making and we are here to support you. Other reasons to submit could be for new creatives looking to test waters if they have never shown their work to anyone before, for busy artists to get back into the game, or just artists sending us something that is burning in their notebook, dying to be seen! Whatever your jam, we want to eat it (and see it!)

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Nelli Mooney



Hi! I am Nelli, the Editor of Lux Lucet. I am 25 year old Finnish born non-binary writer, dramaturg, photographer and stylist. What made me want to start an art-lit zine was the fact that there simply isn't enough platforms for artists to publish their work. Many artists also assume that the only way to publish their work is via a major publishing company and/or platform and that way seek validation for the quality of their work. That is something that strongly influenced me to create a boundary-pushing magazine for creatives to publish their work.

If you would like to take part in the Lux Lucet team or advertise in our magazine, feel free to drop me an email!

Pronouns: any

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Rachel Cameron-Potter




Hi! I'm Rachel, Head of Marketing here at Lux Lucet zine. Aside from editing bits and pieces for the zine and blog, you can find me tinkering with spreadsheets and analysing the stats in the background.


Are you interested in featuring on our Creative Spotlight, or looking to advertise your business in our printed zine? Get in touch!

Pronouns: she/her

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Fin Quinlan



Hello, I’m Fin, a 20-year-old aspiring writer. I love writing about literature and philosophy, whenever anyone will humour me.


I started writing because I felt that there weren’t enough straight white guys giving their unwarranted opinions over the internet. Hopefully, I have something insightful to say (or at very least interesting I suppose).

Pronouns: He/Him