Lux Lucet and Artiste Culture Collaboration

Lux Lucet and Artiste Culture Collaboration

At Lux Lucet, our mission is simple: to create an arts and literary magazine dedicated to art, writing and photography that is raw, fresh and original. We aim to elevate emerging artists, illustrators, writers and photographers by providing a supportive where artists are free to explore their creative potential.


We are eternally grateful to all of our wonderful contributors for helping us to make Lux Lucet the art-lit zine it is today, which is why we are endeavouring to make your journey with us as memorable and as impactful as it can be.


With this initiative in mind, we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Artiste Culture, a female-led, multi-cultural art consultancy to help give these talented emerging artists the recognition they so richly deserve.


Who are Artiste Culture?

Artiste Culture is a project with a vision to help artists and art collectors explore cultures and stories from around the world. Unlike any other art consultancy, their approach is entirely artist-led, focusing on the artist’s background and journey, with the artworks themselves only being secondary in this process.


Having worked in the art sector for over eight years, overseeing museum exhibitions and art publications, Artiste Culture founder Sunaina Misra conceptualised the project in the midst of the pandemic crisis after recognising the challenges that young and emerging artists were facing. With galleries across the globe closing their doors to the public, opportunities for artists to establish themselves as artists slipped away, confining their innovation and creativity to the four walls of their domiciles.


To Sunaina, art is a representation of culture and of people, remedying fear and isolation by transporting us to realms of light and colour; if anything, we need art now more than ever.


This is where Artiste Culture comes in. To encourage artists to keep creating, regardless of the challenges imposed by the pandemic, Artiste Culture are offering consultations to discuss the artist’s style and journey in order to devise a strategy tailored to the artist’s needs and ambitions. This consultation is subsequently followed by a plan of action, possible pathways and expert advice.

Lux Lucet x Artiste Culture

Where does Lux Lucet come in? By teaming up with Artiste Culture, we’re giving our contributors the opportunity to showcase their work at an international level while receiving one-on-one support and advice.


Interested? If you’d like to learn more about the Lux Lucet x Artiste Culture collab, or are looking for global representation as an artist, get in touch with us at

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