How do I change my delivery details?

To change your delivery details, send us an email ASAP at luxlucetzine@gmail.com

When can I expect my orders to arrive?

For UK orders & subscribers our aim is to deliver copies to arrive within the week of the date of purchase, but cannot guarantee this. 

For our orders & subscribers in the rest of the world,  we allow 4 weeks for delivery of your magazine.

My item hasn't arrived - what can I do?

If your item has taken longer than 10 days in the UK & 25 days Internationally to arrive, contact us with the specifics of your order and we’ll follow it up.

What if I receive a damaged magazine or item in the post?

Let us know and we'll replace it! just send your delivery and order details - plus a photo or scan of the damaged item - to luxlucetzine@gmail.com