Meet Rachel, Lux Lucet's New Assistant Editor

Hello! I’m Rachel, a 22-year-old writer and content creator currently based in London. I’m super excited to be joining the Lux Lucet team as Assistant Editor, and I can’t wait to receive all your lovely submissions. We are currently no longer accepting pieces for the second issue, but you are more than welcome to send your stuff our way for the third (launch date: TBA).

Like Nelli, I too felt frustrated at how exclusionary the creative industry is. It felt a little hypocritical that the very sphere that preaches about individual creative potential would, at the same time, turn away countless artists for not being ‘good enough.’

Art is more than what a small panel of individuals, complete with their own experiences, perspectives and biases think. It is about passion and expression, putting your lived experiences onto a palette and letting your imagination soar. Some people might just not get it. That’s okay.

What’s not okay, however, is how dejected artists often get when their work fails to pass standardised barriers that are remarkably limited in scope. I’ve seen far too many of my creative, ambitious, talented friends shrink away from their passions simply for fear of ‘not being good enough.’ To add insult to injury, they’re told that they their talents are wasted and their dreams unreachable, and that their life’s calling, in fact, lies in cyber (but they just don’t know it yet).

This is why Lux Lucet needs contributors, more than ever. When there is a war on the creative industry, imposed by budget cuts and bullshit adverts (keep dancing Fatima, cyber is really boring anyway), it is imperative that we fight back by creating, regardless of what a few people might think. Even if these people are board directors or museum curators, their rejection of your art does not make you any less of an artist.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula wasn’t mentioned until the very end of his obituary. Van Gogh’s work was disregarded as ‘too dark’ during his lifetime. Yesterday’s rejection will not attribute to tomorrow’s failure.

We welcome you with open arms. Keep creating. We’re waiting for you.

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