Are you a writer, photographer, visual artist, performer or a designer?


Contribute to us!



  • Poetry (Narrative, Spoken Word, Sound Poetry, Visual Poetry, Haiku etc.)

  • Prose & Flash Fiction

  • Interviews

  • Articles (i.e. your experience as a female/queer artist, an art activist...)

  • Visual art

  • Photography


Feel free to fuse and surpass the above categories, Lux Lucet is a contemporary creative space. Have fun with it! 

We'd love to hear from people in the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.




πŸŒ™  Writers

Please aim 500 word count for Poetry and max 2000 for Fiction, unless a different prior agreement made with Editor-in-Chief.


πŸŒ™  Photographers and Visual Artists 

Make sure your images are high resolution.


πŸŒ™  Article Content (blog and zine)

Pitching Requirements

If you are looking to pitch to Lux Lucet, please send a short summary of what you are planning to write about to If you are submitting pre-written articles, please write a short summary of the piece in your outreach email to give the editors and insight into the topic of your choice.


Acceptable Categories for Articles

As an art-lit zine, any of the following categories will be accepted:

  • Art

  • Culture

  • Fashion

  • Film

  • Literature

  • Literary Theory

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Photojournalism


Please attach a sentence or two of yourself as an artist alongside a description of your submission.

Inform us which name you would like to be published under. We'd appreciate if you could also tell us what your pronouns are!


Political content welcomed. Hate speech or imagery, however, is not tolerated.


Please notify editors if:

  • You are submitting simultaneously elsewhere 

  • If your submitted work has been published before


Both are permitted but notifying editors would be appreciated.


In Lux Lucet we believe artists should be paid for their work, however, we are currently unable to pay fees for works submitted. We are looking to make this possible in the future. Donate to us here to support us and our artists.





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